What is “Karmatunity?”

Karmatunity is the name of our business opportunity. It’s a premium business package that includes KarmaBoxes (our healthy vending units), locations, training, unlimited one-on-one coaching with a consultant, and complete access to our technology. You will also get a manufacturer’s warranty on the units. Karmatunity gives you the freedom and flexibility of being a small business owner while allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life.

What’s the difference between a business opportunity and franchise?

A franchise and a business opportunity are similar but are structured differently. A franchise is a business model where the franchisee pays a fee to the franchisor to be trained by them on how to run a business. The franchisee has little control over the business and must adhere to the guidelines imposed on them by the franchise. Royalties are paid to franchisor year after year.

A business opportunity is a business package that has been proven to work in the past and the operator owns and operates the business as their own. In our case you use our branding, business processes and routines, technology, etc. You have control over your prices and product lineup. On top of that, there are no royalties or franchise fees.

What is a KarmaBox?

KarmaBox is a state-of-the-art vending system serving snacks, beverages, and care products. Its features include credit card acceptors, advanced inventory technology, rack cards with nutrition information, a loyalty program, earth-friendly engineering, and WiFi capabilities.

What is KarmaCloud?

KarmaCloud is our proprietary software built just for our operators. Its features will include automated inventory technology, accounting and organizational tools, route management, and in-depth reporting. We will be launching this soon. In the meantime, you’ll still get daily email reports so you always know your inventory stance.

How much money can I make with the KarmaBox Vending business opportunity?

Many factors go into the success of your healthy vending business, such as the location of the KarmaBox, the quality of service you provide, the product selection, and pricing points. Some other factors to consider include negotiating proper placement of the KarmaBox at the location, and getting the best price from suppliers. Profit can vary and it’s best to speak to a KarmaBox consultant for more details.

What does the KarmaBox Vending business package include?

The business package includes KarmaBoxes, premium vending locations, training, ongoing one-on-one consulting, business processes and routines, access to our technology, and much more.

What kind of locations will I get?

Location possibilities are endless. Some of your locations could include offices, athletic facilities, hotels, schools, airports, outlet malls, industrial parks, call centers, museums, television studios and so on.

How much control do I have over my healthy vending business?

KarmaBox Vending is a huge advocate for freedom and flexibility with your KarmaBox business. Once you purchase your KarmaBoxes, you own the units outright, set your pricing, and decide on what products you should be selling. There are product guidelines that will restrict you from putting in junk food like a candy bar. At the end of the day, we are here to guide you throughout your healthy vending venture with ongoing coaching services.

Where do I get the products?

You can get your products through KarmaBox Vending, however, it is not a requirement. We will connect you with various suppliers in your area. There are plenty of suppliers across the country providing healthy alternatives. You could also get many popular healthy alternatives at wholesale clubs like Costco, BJ’s Wholesale, and Sam’s Club.

Is KarmaBox Vending a franchise?

KarmaBox Vending is not a franchise but a healthy vending business opportunity for entrepreneurs who want to run a healthy vending venture.