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Karmatunity is what we call our healthy vending business opportunity. Our all-inclusive business packages include our KarmaBoxes, locations from our in-house Locations Department, in-person training and location scouting, processes and routines for you to seamlessly run your business, and more! Choose from Zen Starter (10 KarmaBoxes), Buddha Bundle (15 KarmaBoxes) & the Lotus Collection (20 KarmaBoxes). You will be working with our Consultants before, during, and after your investment. We want to work with you to grow your healthy vending business.

Reliable Equipment
High-traffic Locations
Unlimited Training

Our Business Packages Include…

a la Karma

If you want to essentially build your own bundle, a la Karma is the way to go. With a la Karma, you forego our in-house location services and instead, learn how to procure your own quality locations with our provided training. After all, you know your city better than anybody. Pick and choose from our a la Karma options to build a business customized specifically for you. A la Karma includes our KarmaBoxes, marketing packages, theme design, extensive operator training and location scout training, and more! With a la Karma, you have full control of your business from start to finish.


You can’t have a healthy vending business without vending machines. The most important things we provide are our KarmaBoxes! We have a carefully chosen selection of top-of-the-line vending equipment. We currently offer three different KarmaBoxes; the KB900, the KB1100, and the KB1200.






Easy pay options with credit card acceptors for all major credit cards

ZenCards containing nutrition information for each product

Optional Wi-Fi, an incentive for customers to stay in the KarmaBox  vicinity longer

Earth-friendly engineering. They use less electricity than most on the market

KarmaPoints loyalty program; a vehicle that will entice customers to return again and again

Inventory technology to help you run your healthy vending business smoothly


Included in each Karmatunity package are your locations, which are secured by our in-house Locations Department using our Signature Locations System. We have a database with tons of locations in your area and we call each location a minimum of seven times before we take “no” for an answer. We do what it takes in order for you to have the best possible homes for your KarmaBoxes. It’s hard work, which is why we do it for you.

Proud homes for our KarmaBoxes include the Westin, Sheraton, DoubleTree, Omni, Aveda Institute, Balboa Schools, Maryville College, Habitat Suites and many others!


With your Karmatunity, you will also receive product guidance from our team of specialists. We’ve been in the industry since its inception, so we know what products are successful at each different type of location. We also provide Product Blueprints to help you lay out your KarmaBoxes.